With technology influencing more and more industries, finance for smart farming is a natural progression

Finance for smart farming is an area of growth for Rural Finance. The digital age has not only provided solutions to often time-consuming and tedious tasks but is totally changing the way we think about agriculture. What exactly is a smart farm, though? Here is a rundown of what smart farming is and how it’s changing agriculture.

What Is a Smart Farm?

Smart farming refers to managing farms using modern Information and communication technologies to increase the quantity and quality of products while optimizing the human labor required. Armed with such tools, farmers can monitor field conditions and make strategic decisions for the whole farm or a single plant without even needing to step foot in the field. The driving force of smart farming is the internet — connecting machines and sensors integrated on farms to make farming processes data-driven and automated.


Finance for Smart Farming

Smart Farming Technologies

It’s not only farm machinery that Rural Finance can handle for you. Advancements in agricultural technology has increased substantially over the years, and still continues to this day. UK farm business’ adopt ‘smart farming’ as a tool to tackle the ongoing challenges faced within the industry. ‘Smart farming’ can be used to improve food production increasing the yield, efficiency and profitability of your Agri business. Looking to work smarter? Get in touch today to see how we can fund your future.

We offer finance solutions for:

• Software – specialised software to manage the farm
• Sensors – soil, water, light etc
• Precision farming devices
• Robotics – processing facilities, autonomous tractors
• Drones

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