Manufacturers and Dealers

Manufacturers in agriculture, construction or commercial vehicles key focus is to build and sell machines, either direct or through their dealer network.

At Rural Finance, our aim is to support dealers sell machines as quickly as possible by offering finance to the customer. We have nationwide coverage within the Rural Finance group so we can provide a hands-on approach to finance within your dealers.

Rural Finance has built solid relationships with a huge network of dealers and manufacturers in an array of industries. Below are some of our partners:

There are a number of things we can help support, please see below:

Do you want to become an Introducer Appointed Representative (IAR) of Rural Finance?

What is an IAR?

An introducer Appointed Representative (IAR) of Rural Finance is often a dealer or manufacturer who is offering finance to their customers who needed access to the FCA Permissions but didn’t want to go through the lengthy and costly FCA authorisation process.

If a business is offering finance this is often seen as a regulated activity and therefore needs an FCA license. Rural Finance can offer a simple solutions to this:

Become an IAR and we will take away the FCA stresses so you can focus on the job.

If you decide to become an IAR with Rural Finance, it will allow you to do 2 key things:

  1. Introduce the finance to your local Rural Finance broker
  2. Promote “non-real time” Finance (promotions on an email/webpage/leaflet, not in face-to-face or telephone conversations)

Why become an IAR of Rural Finance?

  1. Rural Finance take away the stress of becoming FCA authorised
  2. You will avoid a lengthy and costly FCA authorisation process
  3. Allows you to focus on the day job
  4. It will allow you to introduce finance to your local Rural Finance representative
  5. It will allow you to promote finance on your website

If you would like to find out more or would like to become an IAR please contact our compliance department;

Financial Promotions

Do you want to offer 0% finance?

We can help you set up a financial promotion. We can explain how this works and then provide you support to promote it.

If you wish to discuss how to do this, please contact Helen Gaines on 07979 985428 or email


Need cash flow support?

What is stocking?

Stocking is also known as Inventory Finance. This is a finance product that is only available to equipment manufacturers, dealers and suppliers.

Stocking is a short term finance facility that enables the manufacturer, dealer or supplier to finance their stock of new, used or demonstration equipment over a short period of time.

How can it help a manufacturer or dealer?

This facility can help to ease the business’ cash flow in between the buying of the stock from the manufacturer or the acquisition of part exchange/trade-in units and subsequent sale to the end user.

If you wish to discuss stocking with Rural Finance, please complete “Get a Quote”

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