Finance for livestock is a real consideration if you are looking to expand your herd but don’t have the initial capital

Finance for livestock is a helpful way to buy stock to take advantage of a market when you may not have the cash flow on hand. This flexibility to purchase livestock at the right time is also an intelligent way to make decisions when needed to make your operation more profitable. There are other benefits too. Livestock finance doesn’t require you to put up land as security, it will help your cash flow, and has a fast turnaround allowing you to take advantage of conditions as they happen.

Are you looking to expand your herd and increase profitability? Rural Finance can provide you with access to finance to purchase a wide range of livestock including:

• Diary Cows
• Sucklers
• Bulls
• Pullets
• Ewes
• Goats
• Horses

We will discuss your requirements and recommend the most suitable finance product. We can provide finance for livestock from markets, auctions and farm sales through loans or Hire Purchase.

Finance for Livestock

Input Finance

Fertiliser & Animal Feed is essential for any arable or livestock farmer. The rising costs of these products has seen many farmers look to spread the cost of their fertiliser and feed. With this in mind, we can offer you finance solutions to ensure your cashflow remains controlled.

Short term loans, up to 12 months can be used to spread the cost of your Inputs throughout the year.

Rural Finance was formed in 2004 and today, we are one of the largest Agricultural & Commercial Finance Brokering Networks throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. However, whilst we are known as Rural Finance we have grown as a network and now offer finance solutions to every industry with a range of brokers who specialise in commercial, retail, construction finance, real-estate & professional loans.

To discuss your Finance for Livestock requirements, you can go direct to our website and click “GET A QUOTE” and we will be in touch to chat through your options