Grain stores play a pivotal role in preserving harvested crops, so opting for finance for grain stores will help keep your business moving

Whether it’s a silo, shed or dryer, considering finance for grain stores is the smart way to purchase essential new agricultural equipment, whatever the size of your business. Rural finance can help facilitate this process so you can continue to grow your business without any heavy up front financial outlay. So, let’s take a look at what equipment we can help you finance.

Grain silos are iconic structures in agriculture, designed for the storage of bulk grains such as wheat, corn, and barley. These cylindrical towers offer efficient space utilisation and protection against environmental factors, including pests, moisture, and mold. Constructed from materials like concrete, steel, or corrugated metal, they come in various sizes to accommodate different storage capacities. Silos feature airtight seals and ventilation systems to maintain optimal conditions for grain preservation, extending shelf life and preserving quality. Their versatility allows for both short-term and long-term storage, making them indispensable assets for farmers worldwide in managing grain inventories efficiently and ensuring food security.

Grain sheds are essential structures in agriculture, providing shelter for harvested crops. These sheds are typically simple, roofed structures designed to protect grains from rain, wind, and direct sunlight. They offer a cost-effective solution for small to medium-scale farmers who require temporary storage. Grain sheds can be constructed from various materials such as wood, metal, or even fabric, depending on durability requirements and budget constraints. While lacking the advanced features of silos or warehouses, grain sheds serve a vital function in preserving grain quality before further processing or transportation, making them indispensable assets on many farms.

Grain dryers are crucial equipment in agriculture, facilitating the reduction of moisture content in freshly harvested grains to prevent spoilage during storage. These devices employ heat and airflow to accelerate the drying process, enhancing grain quality and minimising post-harvest losses. Grain dryers come in various types, including batch dryers, continuous flow dryers, and mixed-flow dryers, each offering distinct advantages based on efficiency, capacity, and fuel requirements. Modern grain dryers often feature advanced control systems for precise regulation of temperature and airflow, optimising drying conditions while minimising energy consumption. By ensuring proper moisture levels, grain dryers contribute to preserving grain quality and maximising profitability for farmers.

Finance for Grain Stores

As well as grain and feed stores we can also help you with the purchase of any new & used:

  • ATVs & UTV’s
  • Arable Equipment and Machinery – Tractors, Tillers, Rollers, Ploughs and Harrows.
  • Harvesters & sorting equipment – Combine Harvesters
  • Planting machinery – Broadcast Seeder and Reapers.
  • Balers & other Baling Equipment.
  • Cattle Equipment – Beef and Cattle Housing
  • Loader Equipment – Trailers, Trucks, Conveyor Belts and Telehandlers.
  • Fertilising equipment and spreaders – Manure spreaders, Muck spreaders and Silage containers.
  • Dairy machinery – Milking equipment, Dairy feed, Dairy Cattle, Housing and Sheds.
  • Grain and feed stores – Grain Sheds, Dryers, Bulk Sheds, Crop Store and Silos.

Assets can be purchased through dealerships, farmer to farmer and auction houses.

If you are claiming a grant for the purchase of the equipment, please let us know and we can help manage this with the funders.

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