With warehouse distribution continuing to be one of the fastest growth industries in the UK, finance for forklift trucks could be the best way to keep up with demand.

Securing finance for forklift trucks offers numerous advantages. It allows businesses to acquire the equipment without a substantial upfront cost, preserving capital for other essential needs. Financing provides flexibility in repayment, aligning with cash flow patterns. By spreading the cost over time, businesses can strategically invest in forklifts, fostering growth and maintaining a competitive edge in warehouse operations.

Forklift trucks play a pivotal role in warehouse distribution, streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency. These versatile machines efficiently move, lift, and transport heavy pallets and goods, enabling swift and organized material handling. In warehouses, forklifts facilitate rapid loading and unloading, optimizing storage space and expediting order fulfillment. Their maneuverability ensures access to narrow aisles, maximizing storage capacity. Forklifts also contribute to safety by reducing manual lifting, minimizing the risk of injuries. Moreover, these vehicles prove indispensable in inventory management, aiding in the precise positioning of items. Overall, forklift trucks are indispensable tools in warehouse distribution, promoting productivity and maintaining a seamless supply chain.

Finance for Fork Lift Trucks

Rural Finance has helped fund thousands of commercial vehicles in the UK over the years. Whether it’s new or used we offer a variety of finance solutions that best suit your individual business needs. Let’s keep the UK moving.

We can offer finance solutions for:

• Vans (all sizes)
• Electric / Hybrid vehicles
• Heavy Goods vehicles
• Tracker units & trailers
• Forklift trucks
• Motorhomes
• Caravans
• Minibuses
• Buses/coaches
• Director cars

Rural Finance was formed in 2004 and today, we are one of the largest Agricultural & Commercial Finance Brokering Networks throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. However, whilst we are known as Rural Finance we have grown as a network and now offer finance solutions to every industry with a range of brokers who specialise in commercial, retail, construction finance, real-estate & professional loans.

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