Spread the cost, as well as the muck by opting for finance for fertilising equipment with Rural Finance

Fertilising equipment plays a crucial role in optimizing crop yields and ensuring efficient nutrient management. So considering finance for fertilising equipment for your agricultural business can help spread the cost over many months allowing you to manage your business finances far more effectively. There are various types of fertilising equipment with each offering distinct benefits tailored to different farming needs and practices. Rural Finance’ vast experience in this field will help you make the right choice when it comes to agricultural finance.

  1. Broadcast Spreaders: These are commonly used for spreading granular fertilisers evenly over large areas. Broadcast spreaders are versatile and efficient, suitable for both small and large-scale farming operations. Their benefits include uniform distribution of fertiliser, cost-effectiveness, and ease of operation.
  2. Drop Spreaders: Unlike broadcast spreaders, drop spreaders deposit fertiliser directly beneath the equipment in a controlled manner. This precision makes them ideal for targeted application in areas with specific fertilising requirements, such as lawns, gardens, or crop rows. Drop spreaders minimize wastage and reduce the risk of fertiliser runoff, enhancing nutrient efficiency.
  3. Liquid Fertiliser Applicators: Liquid fertiliser applicators are designed to spray nutrient solutions directly onto crops or soil. They offer flexibility in adjusting application rates and formulations according to crop needs. Liquid fertilisers are rapidly absorbed by plants, promoting quick nutrient uptake and growth. Additionally, liquid fertiliser applicators can be integrated with other farming equipment, such as irrigation systems, for efficient nutrient delivery.
  4. Injection Systems: Injection systems are used to apply liquid fertilisers or amendments directly into irrigation water or soil. These systems ensure precise nutrient placement at desired depths, minimising nutrient loss due to leaching. Injection systems are particularly beneficial in drip irrigation setups, where fertilisers can be delivered directly to the root zone of plants, enhancing nutrient uptake efficiency.
  5. Fertiliser Spreaders with GPS Technology: Modern fertiliser spreaders are often equipped with GPS technology for precise positioning and mapping capabilities. This allows farmers to apply fertilisers with pinpoint accuracy, adjusting application rates based on soil variability and crop requirements. GPS-guided fertilising equipment helps optimise nutrient distribution, reduce over-application, and minimise environmental impact.

Finance for Fertilising Equipment

As well as Fertilising equipment we can also help you with the purchase of any new & used:

  • ATVs & UTV’s
  • Arable Equipment and Machinery – Tractors, Tillers, Rollers, Ploughs and Harrows.
  • Harvesters & sorting equipment – Combine Harvesters
  • Planting machinery – Broadcast Seeder and Reapers.
  • Balers & other Baling Equipment.
  • Cattle Equipment – Beef and Cattle Housing
  • Loader Equipment – Trailers, Trucks, Conveyor Belts and Telehandlers.
  • Fertilising equipment and spreaders – Manure spreaders, Muck spreaders and Silage containers.
  • Dairy machinery – Milking equipment, Dairy feed, Dairy Cattle, Housing and Sheds.
  • Grain and feed stores – Grain Sheds, Dryers, Bulk Sheds, Crop Store and Silos.

Assets can be purchased through dealerships, farmer to farmer and auction houses.

If you are claiming a grant for the purchase of the equipment, please let us know and we can help manage this with the funders.

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