When looking to increase your livestock, finance for dairy cows could be a good option to spread the cost

When it comes to making the best decision for your business, finance for dairy cows is a logical choice. Spreading the cost over a longer period of time has many advantages over a direct purchase. Not least in keeping much needed capital in the business, that could be used for more immediate financial operations. Also, it means you don’t have to wait until you have the full amount to purchase your livestock.

Purchasing dairy cows on finance offers several advantages for farmers. It enables them to expand their herd and increase milk production without the immediate financial burden of upfront costs. This approach helps preserve cash flow, allowing investment in other essential areas such as feed, healthcare, and farm infrastructure. Financing can also provide access to better quality cattle, enhancing overall herd genetics and productivity. As well as this, it allows for manageable, predictable payments over time, improving financial planning and stability.

Finance for Dairy Cows

As well as finance for dairy cows we can also help you with the purchase of any new & used:

  • ATVs & UTV’s
  • Arable Equipment and Machinery – Tractors, Tillers, Rollers, Ploughs and Harrows.
  • Harvesters & sorting equipment – Combine Harvesters
  • Planting machinery – Broadcast Seeder and Reapers.
  • Balers & other Baling Equipment.
  • Cattle Equipment – Beef and Cattle Housing
  • Loader Equipment – Trailers, Trucks, Conveyor Belts and Telehandlers.
  • Fertilising equipment and spreaders – Manure spreaders, Muck spreaders and Silage containers.
  • Dairy machinery – Milking equipment, Dairy feed, Dairy Cattle, Housing and Sheds.
  • Grain and feed stores – Grain Sheds, Dryers, Bulk Sheds, Crop Store and Silos.

Assets can be purchased through dealerships, farmer to farmer and auction houses.

If you are claiming a grant for the purchase of the equipment, please let us know and we can help manage this with the funders.

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