Looking for land in the country, then agricultural property finance could be the solution you are looking for

When seeking land or property within the agricultural industry you want a knowledgeable, experienced person to talk to. At Rural Finance we have years of experience within this field. Whether purchasing property for a diversification, expanding an existing structure, a new venture or re-mortgaging we have a wide range of agricultural property finance solutions.

agricultural property finance

Utilizing finance for agricultural property offers multifaceted benefits. Firstly, it enables farmers to access larger plots, enhancing economies of scale and boosting overall productivity. Financial assistance aids in modernising equipment and adopting advanced farming techniques, optimising yields and resource management. Through agricultual property finance, farmers can diversify their operations. Moreover, finance facilitates sustainable practices by supporting investments in eco-friendly infrastructure and renewable energy sources. It also promotes rural development, creating employment opportunities and fostering community growth.

Rural Finance was formed in 2004 and today, we are one of the largest Agricultural & Commercial Finance Brokering Networks throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. However, whilst we are known as Rural Finance we have grown as a network and now offer finance solutions to every industry with a range of brokers who specialise in commercial, retail, construction finance, real-estate & professional loans.

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